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Labuan Bajo

On the western most tip of the Island of Flores there is this mesmerizing town called Labuan Bajo. It lies calmly, with many astonishments ready for you to explore . Labuan Bajo now has transformed into premium fascinating destination in East Nusa Tenggara.

The Port to Paradise

The curiosity among voyagers lies in Komodo Dragons or locals called Ora. It is a significant charming element, displayed in its great national park.

The Komodo National Park was listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1991. Both ashore and underwater, it is home to enchanting creatures. The recreation area comprises Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, and various smaller islands around.

Labuan Bajo is otherwise called the city of sunset. You can witness a lot of breathtaking scenery under the fantastic sky.

Get There

Labuan Bajo can be reached via air, land, and sea. It’s a strategic area as an access port to Komodo National Park. These are three different ways you can try to visit this heaven on earth:

By Air

Labuan Bajo can be reached using direct flights from many cities. Meanwhile, for foreigner they can transit to Soekarno Hatta International airport before heading to Labuan Bajo.

By Land

An overland trek accross the Island is conceivable however expensive. You will need a bus from Denpasar or Lombok and a ferry boat to help you cross the sea and reach Labuan Bajo.

By Sea

The one that is most favorable is chartering liveaboard since you can also take crossing tour package and enjoy all its activities during the trip.

Get Around

There are various choices for you to get around Labuan Bajo just like ojek, local taxi, and rental car.

Before renting cars or asking local guides for help, make sure you get the information straight from official sources. Otherwise, you can collect information from your hotel regarding the most ideal way to get aroun

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