Sinar pagi liveaboard
Sinar pagi liveaboard

What you can do with sinarpagi liveaboard?



Experiencing one of the best underwaters in the world

Your eyes will be spoiled by various pristine coral reefs, fish of any size, and pelagic fishes. However, you don’t need to worry because we will create an itinerary that will allow you to visit world-class diving sites in Labuan Bajo. So, make sure you don’t miss the chance to sail with us.

We will create itinerary for 4 days so you can visit world class diving sites such as Castle, Crystal Rock, and Cauldron, as well as any other sites around Komodo & Rinca. Besides that, there will be a boat tender for easy entry and puck up. We also will provide profesional dive master


Witnessing the magical sunset and sunrise and see the amazing komodo dragons

Trekking to see Komodo dragons and go to the top side of the island to witness the magical sunrise and sunset that you can only see in Komodo National Park. Sinar Pagi Liveaboard will provide a safe and smooth trekking. We would bring satifaction into your trip.

Besides that, the padar island trekking will get you some of the most amazing sceneries in Indonesia. Imagine, you will trek with a view of giant bays, beaches, and rocky hills lay out in all directions. It is clear, a tour of Komodo island would not be complete without trekking!

Sinar pagi liveaboard
Sinar pagi liveaboard

Sun Bathing

Lying under the sun on a mesmerizing island

Island hopping, playing on the beach, chilling while enjoying the sun and getting your skin tanned. During your trip, sunbathing is mandatory! With Sinar Pagi Liveaboard, you can sunbathe either on a beatiful beach or our sun deck. We will make it up to you!

While sunbathing you can swim and socialize since it would be a perfect combination! Dont forget to bring along sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses since we bet you will spend quite some time here.


Serving you the finest menus from Mr. Chef

Having memorable food and beverage experiences with Sinar Pagi Liveaboard. We are ready to serve you Indonesian and vegetarian menus. Enjoy our tasty and fresh food to charge energy, boost your mood while spoiling your taste buds.

We will make sure you enjoy the best meal, paired with the best cuisine from our chef. In order to give you only the best, our chef is always adding fresh and delicious dishes to the guests. We will bring you an exclusive dining experience on the boat that will be unforgettable.

Sinar pagi liveaboard
Service & Support

We are ready to answer questions about trip and phinisi boat charter

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